This is a fixed sequence class suitable for all levels a great introduction to Hot Yoga.

Strength, stamina and flexibility are built as students detoxify through sweating in our far-infrared heated studio. There are no arm balances, inversions, push-ups or down dog. The structure of each class is the same this allows each student to monitor their own progress.

This is a hot and sweaty fun class that will challenge you in many ways.



Traditional asanas are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration and breath control. This class is based on physical postures (asana), deep breathing and mindful movement.

Learn alignment and attention to detail we take the principals of Tadasana and apply them to a smart satisfying class designed to help you understand what it means to be aligned. These classes although challenging are a great way for beginners to establish a strong yoga foundation and at the same time experienced yogis with body awareness can explore the nuances of their bodies. No heat but longer holds and attention to detail will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.  


Y CORE Pilates Mat Class   

Pilates inspired class aimed at building strength in your abdomen, shoulders and gluts? With slow controlled movements focusing on toning and strengthening, our Y Core classes will help you advance in all areas of yoga. 

Learn how a strong core can help your whole body function more efficiently. Not only will you look hot; your body will function as a complete unit. 

Add some yoga and meditation and you are unstoppable.



Yin Yoga is the polar opposite to our dynamic flowing classes, and a superb complement to the more “yang” style of Power Vinyasa Yoga. Yin classes involve long, rejuvenating holds in restorative forward bends, hip openers, and inversions. You will experience deep release as you work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress. In Yin we are not pushing or striving to achieve instead we sit and accept where we are. You will leave feeling more open, content and incredibly relaxed. A must for all yogis, beginner to advanced!  


Y Basics classes are suitable for everyone, including both beginner and seasoned practitioners. In this class we will focus on aligning our bodies and building awareness, to develop a strong foundation for a safe and healthy yoga practice. 



A fun dynamic system of practicing asana,

linking beath and movement in our fa-infrared heated room.  Build heat, endurance, flexibility and concentration. The sequence is built around sun salutations. Some yoga experience needed.



Iyengar yoga is a systematic and comprehensive method of practice concerned with the development and cultivation of body-mind awareness, balance and understanding of yoga principles through the practice of Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). The emphasis on integrated alignment and progressive learning is central to the practice. It aims to promote energy flow, increase stability and freedom and reduce stress and injury. Props are often used to assist with this. Poses are taught in cycles to help build understanding and confidence. Inversions such as head stand and shoulder stand (or a modified version of these) are introduced gradually and always in accordance with students’ capacity and progress. It is recommended that the practice of Pranayama commences once asana practice is steady and regular.

Training to teach in the Iyengar Yoga method requires a commitment to a rigorous and systematic method of training and ongoing professional development within the requirements of the BKS Iyengar Association of Australia. To learn more about the Association's requirements visit




We offer a fast paced, high intensity, body toning workout in just 50 minutes. Work smarter, not longer fusing elements of traditional reformer pilates, cardio, weights and endurance training.  

Y Reformer pilates will help tone and sculpt your body like nothing you've tried before.  

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